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1000 Memories Cover (Fragile Dreams Doujinshi) by pokemonlovinggirl 1000 Memories Cover (Fragile Dreams Doujinshi) :iconpokemonlovinggirl:pokemonlovinggirl 9 13
The Meaning of Partners
Summary: A young brash redhead learns a harsh lesson about what it means to work as a team and to have someone that you can actually trust.  Some times being told just isn't enough, some times you have to see it for yourself.   
Pairing/Characters:  No Pairing/Reno, Rude and Tseng
Setting: FF7
Rating: PG-13 - very mild violence
Status: Complete 
Type: One Shot Drabble
Word Count:  2,273
Disclaimer: All related Final Fantasy names and characters are copyrighted © by Square Enix, however, the story, ideas, interpretations and original characters all belong to me

"But it makes more sense ta do it dis way," the young redhead grumbled, tapping his finger aggressively against the briefing map to help accent his point, as if each tap would work to tip the scale in his favor.
"True," Tseng pointed out, calm as ever as he attempted to educate the trainee, still sitting behind his desk, happy that his charge was improving with his training.  The bo
:iconpilotingdacrash:PilotingDaCrash 3 2
Lil' Choco
A baby chocobo looked up at Reno and cooed softly, trying to flap its little wings in a vain attempt to reach the Turks lap.  The baby bird struggled at its task but eventually was resourceful enough to jump up onto different items within the office and come to rest in Reno's lap.
"Kewark!" is squawked adorably.
Finally settled, the Second in Command was able to inspect the tiny animal, finding a note hanging around the birds neck.  It read, "You are devilishly hands, think you can make this cute chocobo handsome like you?"
The Turk had to admit that he jumped a bit when the random little baby chocobo hopped into his lap.  The redhead was not found of the usually giant birds, but this small the creature didn't seem as menacing.  Still, due to his love of animals, which the bastard would always deny if asked, when the cute clucky tike looked up at him, Reno couldn't help but snort and roll his eyes at the situation.  
Why did this shit always seem to happ
:iconpilotingdacrash:PilotingDaCrash 5 6
TCP2 Entry 31 INK pg 1 by SeiraSky TCP2 Entry 31 INK pg 1 :iconseirasky:SeiraSky 13 7
There's Always a Smart Ass
Summary: Tseng attempts to hand out weekly orders but encounters the usual sarcastic and humors rebellion from a particular redhead. 
Pairing/Characters:  No Pairing/ Reno, Rude and Tseng
Setting: FF7
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Type: One Shot Drabble
Disclaimer: All related Final Fantasy names and characters are copyrighted © by Square Enix, however, the story, ideas, interpretations and original characters all belong to me.

Tseng had walked into his subordinates office, orders in hand for each of this men.  As was usual, Rude sat at his desk, productively typing away, filling out reports like the dedicated, model worker that he was.  Reno on the other hand, well... he was being the poster child for slackers everywhere.  The redheads back turned towards the door as the Second in Command was using the Presidents picture as a dartboard, practicing his knife throwing skills, using the combat training excuse to avoid the piles of paperwork accumulating
:iconpilotingdacrash:PilotingDaCrash 2 7
Raptor ref by Unoraptormon Raptor ref :iconunoraptormon:Unoraptormon 1 0 LoZ- Come to me, hero... by Noe-Izumi LoZ- Come to me, hero... :iconnoe-izumi:Noe-Izumi 271 74 Scared, skychild? by Noe-Izumi Scared, skychild? :iconnoe-izumi:Noe-Izumi 229 95 I came to save you by AngelofHapiness I came to save you :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 419 89 What now by AngelofHapiness What now :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 601 102 Plant atack 2 by AngelofHapiness Plant atack 2 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 211 36 Breathe by CrimsonSun Breathe :iconcrimsonsun:CrimsonSun 522 67 Paws For Taught by peannlui Paws For Taught :iconpeannlui:peannlui 258 62 TP: goddess bless, lady knight by Minuiko TP: goddess bless, lady knight :iconminuiko:Minuiko 241 23 TCP_E37_SizeComparison by prismageek TCP_E37_SizeComparison :iconprismageek:prismageek 30 0 TCP_E38_Tris and Chime by prismageek TCP_E38_Tris and Chime :iconprismageek:prismageek 11 2


So today I was watch Good Morning America when what do I see a video with bullying. Yes I know that bullying is common in schools but it has to stop. I just watched a kid get dragged around a classroom, have a sock stuffed in his mouth, have people writing on his feet and his poor kid wanting to kill himself. The teacher claims that it was just horsing around. Well I call BULL SHIT. We all known that there is a very big difference between horsing around and bullying and for those of you who don't know what the difference is, horsing around everybody is laughing at the end and nothing is taken too far, bullying there is at least one person who is unhappy because of these event. What really is getting to me sick and angry is that these kids whom I am assuming have not been taught manners or empathy or heck respect towards others and they think its so cool (please note the sarcasm) to be a bully, to physically, or verbally assault someone ( this includes all the fun *sarcasm* new ways young kids find to bully each other.) Here is the video watch it watch the vile excuse for humanity that is on screen watch these little creatures and one evil nasty thing attack this poor boy.… (warning this is not an easy video to watch but please watch it to understand why I am so angry) please tell me if this at all seems like horsing around because if this is your version of horsing around then you need help! This isn't even bullying anymore I see this as assault! This is physically assaulting someone not only with hands and feet but chairs. Heck its also emotional abuse 13 years old is too young to want to end your life. My heart goes out to this young boy and to his family that had to witness/ be a victim of this horrendous event.

Now I know its not easy for kids to be the only one to stand-up and help, but be the one who doesn't participate in the bullying, be the one who goes to the principal and lets him or her know what is happening (you can ask for anonymity if you are scared), don't record a bullying session to put on youtube, but instead record it to show it to the principal and if that doesn't work let your parents know that you have evidence about bullying and you need there help to stop it. There is a line people, and children need to know that. We cannot allow this kind of behavior to continue unpunished. Take action against bullying. (non-violence is always the preferred method.)
I look at some of the headlines and I do watch the news and when I hear that such young kids want to end their life before it even begins well not only does that sadden me it also makes me mad that people just sit there and watch. Teachers do something please don't sit back and ignore it, these are children who's are under your watch, and guidance, and to those teachers who sit back well you're just as bad as the kids who are wait I think your worse you are the adult and you can put a stop to it.

Now on to the parents. I have something to say to those parents who see there oh so precious kids (sarcasm) engage in bullying and they should be ASHAMED! Here's the thing I know that parents can't fully control what there kids do, but if I were a parent and I saw my child acting that way I would be mortified and so very ashamed. Yeah I know some parents have very creative ways of teaching their children that bullying is wrong (I think parents who make their kids wear signs saying that they bullied someone out in a public place is smart. Some of you might be like hypocrite, but you know what you can only say sorry so many times and that does include the times that people mean it. We all saw what happened to the women who was bullied on the bus by those students and she knows that those sorries were fake and forced.)  So parents instil values into your children tell them that this is not ok. Teach them that everyone deserve respect, and here's the really interesting idea tell your kids if you don't like someone don't bother with them. I mean the idea is so simple it just might work.

Now I know there are people who say "get over it." or "well it happens" or even make nasty comments (sometimes dumb ones) when the victim speaks or when anyone speaks out against bullies, but these are the people who makes these comments are the bullies, and guess what people sometimes its not easy to "get over it." especially with how much more nasty children are getting. Now I would like to direct your attention to this comment… . And I so strongly agree with this person.

Leave a comment, to show your support and help stop bullying, repost the video, share your reactions in your own journal, and if you are someone who thinks that this is no big deal then please leave a comment I would love to see why as would many other people would like why anyone thinks that this is ok.


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